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Outsourcing of Personnel

When hiring our Staffing Services you will have the guarantee and security to be working with experts in personnel management.

What we offer

Our main objective is to increase productivity through quality processes in Human Resources Management and to let our clients focus on their area of expertise.

You will be able to focus your efforts on your main business and favorably reduce your operating costs.

We manage the personnel that your organization might need to cover on a temporary or permanent basis for the following situations:

Limited Personnel
In case the company requires additional personnel for developing projects.

To have enough temporary personnel for special projects.

Production Peaks
Additional personnel to cover requirements during periods of excessive work load.

Personnel on probationary period
We place personnel on a probationary period to guarantee that adequate people are hired for the clients’ operations.

Our Clients:

Maintain most of their collaborators. Have significant savings in labor settlements, severance and demands as we overtake legal responsibility of the administered personnel. Are protected in their labor rights because all our processes related to the administered personnel adhere to current laws.

Advantages of our services

The labor relation is established only between MDC Empleos and the employees; therefore, the client company is relieved from all kinds of labor conflicts. The labor liability completely belongs to MDC Empleos, relieving our clients from all the liabilities coming from hiring personnel. For example: seniority and related liabilities. All employer liabilities are taken by MDC Empleos, leaving the client company safe from these liabilities and from their administrative process. The payroll of the personnel hired by MDC Empleos is prepared in a proper and timely manner in order to ease the Human Resources management. Installment of biometric clocks in the facilities of the company where services are being rendered to guarantee adherence to payroll incidents. We provide induction courses to all employees in order to clarify their hiring status, to give orientation and to provide efficient coverage for their labor needs. Issuance of credential for all workers to guarantee and to ease the identification of each employee.

Added Value

We have facilities and personnel managers in our clients’ premises which guarantee immediate attention and solutions to your needs. We adapt our services to the conditions and needs of your company, taking care of your requirements efficiently and effectively. We have a team of highly qualified specialists and the required technology to meet your expectations. Our company tightly adheres to legal dispositions related to our activity, always complying with them in a proper and timely manner; if needed, we promptly inform our clients to comply with said obligations.

Thanks to Staffing you could take care of your clients’ new requirements and posed challenges, special projects, production peaks, etc.

Staffing could give your company a competitive advantage because it allows the company to increase productivity in a flexible manner in all sectors of the business.